About Allison

Hi there, I’m glad you’ve landed here! I’m excited to show you the world through my eyes. My life might be complex, but it’s a fun one. I’m a college student studying Journalism at Western Kentucky University, a sorority girl, a Christian, a daughter and an older sister.


In May of 2010, my life was finally settling down after a huge change. While my biological parents had separated and remarried, my mother and stepfather had my adorable little brother and then adopted three beautiful little girls who are biological sisters. That’s where it began.

My mother’s family owns our local newspaper, so a camera has always been around. When the three girls came into my life all at once, I became the babysitter during the summer. What else could we do to entertain them all summer long? Well, photoshoots seemed to be the answer. Since then, I became a big sister for the fifth time when my father had another child with his wife. The rest is history, folks!

Now, I live in Bowling Green, Kentucky for school and travel all over the state of Kentucky to do portrait work. I also own a studio in Bowling Green and shoot sports across the state.

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