{Alexis + Drew} November 2015.

Wow  – it’s been a while.

Since March, school has been insane. This business has grown by more than double. AND – I bought a house! Big things have happened, and even bigger things are happening within the next few months. First, I’d like to share some of the shoots from the past few months.

Meet Alexis + Drew.

IMG_4191 copy.jpg

I met this beautiful couple through Drew’s sister – Rachel. I knew it would be fun getting to know them after talking about the plans for their intimate wedding that will be taking place in Bowling Green this year.

They were naturals! We explored all over a local park area, and they didn’t hesitate when I asked them to “stand here, kiss her, spin her, look there.” 😉 Their laughs were my absolute favorite thing about the session.

I can’t wait to photograph them again for their big day!

Don’t forget to share and comment which images are your favorite.

-Ally of {ally}ography.


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