{Kesleigh} January 2015.

Meet Kesleigh.


I’d be lying if I said newborns were my favorite before this little one came along. Despite the fact that I am the oldest of six children, I never felt confident in my newborn shoots. I was always nervous, and the second a baby would cry, I would panic. I was overwhelmed.

Then Kesleigh came along. She is so sweet and so calm. Her parents (and Grandma) are the best to work with as well – definitely a plus. This shoot is the first of many in my new studio space. Kesleigh’s mom and I worked together to style a shoot that would capture the things she and her family enjoy. At three months old, she was the perfect baby to shoot.

Enjoy, and as always, don’t forget to share and comment which images are your favorite!

-Ally of {ally}ography.

_MG_0407 _MG_0440 _MG_0471 _MG_0560 _MG_0581 _MG_0609e _MG_0628 _MG_0648 _MG_0695 _MG_0714 _MG_0753 _MG_0820 _MG_0824


2 thoughts on “{Kesleigh} January 2015.

  1. You do great work! My two girls, Amanda and Kesleigh, and Kiefer are beautiful subjects . Of course I’m a little partial, but they do take gorgeous photos. The three of them standing is my favorite. Love them all though!!


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