{Tesla + Ethan} December 2014.

Meet Tesla + Ethan.


If you’ve been following my work for a while, you might remember seeing Tesla and Ethan’s wedding a little over a year ago. It was a snowy December day, and the candlelit atmosphere was stunning. Since then, I’ve photographed their two younger daughters.

It came time to begin styling Tesla and Ethan’s one year anniversary shoot during the last few days of December, and I was posed with a dilemma. Do I focus more towards their little bundle of joy on the way or do I focus more on them as a couple and their love?

Tesla made a statement during the shoot that really struck me. When she said that she was afraid it’d be some of the last pictures of just the two of them, I realized I didn’t spend enough time with just the parents during my family sessions. Capturing their love for one another, the visible happiness as he wrapped his arms around her and how they’ve grown as a couple in the past year was amazing.

Enjoy a few more shots from their session below. As always, don’t forget to comment and share your favorite images!

-Ally of {ally}ography.

_MG_0092_MG_0194e_MG_0223 _MG_0299_MG_0100e _MG_0168 _MG_0214 _MG_0274


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