{Snowy Days} January 2015.

Hello all and welcome to 2015,

2014 was a great year. I added it up a few days ago, and I shot over 70 portrait sessions/weddings last year. My hopeful heart is wishing that 2015 would be even better – and it’s looking like it will be.

A new year and winter break for a college student is GOLD. A new year, winter break and being caught up on all of my portrait sessions from 2014 is EVEN BETTER. With that being said, I braved the snow this morning to get back to my roots.

Five years ago (seriously can’t believe it was that long ago), I picked up a camera and forced the same little girl and her sisters in front of it. Now, here I am styling shoots specifically for her. Bailey is the perfect model that never moves, is so graceful and is strikingly beautiful.

Here’s to big changes, {ally}ography., and a wonderful new year! Thanks for tagging along in 2015!


_MG_0330e  _MG_0350

Along with shooting this beautiful little soul today in the snow, my mother’s yorkie – Muzzy – decided to bounce through. His long hair was gorgeous in the snow.


Last but not least, I decided to photograph something I’ve been fascinated with since I moved back home for break. These ornate nutcrackers join a completely decorated Main Street of my small, tight-knit community. In the snow, they were stunning.



That’s all to share for this cold day. Keep an eye out for my first few sessions of 2015 over the next few weeks. As always, don’t forget to comment and let me know which image is your favorite, and feel free to share this post with your friends.

-Ally of {ally}ography.


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