Summer Special Session Winner

Drumroll pleaseeeee…..

A whopping 58 people shared my photo – wow, thanks guys! To decide who wins the free session out of those 58 people, I used The 52nd person who shared my photo won!

THE WINNER IS: Kelli Baxter Graves! Congratulations, Kelli!

Then, I decided “Wow, so many people participated – I might just give away a few more goodies!” SO, the following people will get 25% off whatever Summer Special package they choose.

25% off Winners: Candace Nicole Hutton, Denise Barrack Young, Gail Combs


Congratulations to all of the winners once again, and I can’t wait to photograph all of you and your beautiful loved ones! Contact me to schedule your session and redeem your prizes!

-Ally of {ally}ography.


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